Thursday, July 18, 2013

FORP - day 4

Four days are in the books.  I am feeling several emotions right now.  Fear - that maybe Chris' bench may end up on the side or middle of the highway tomorrow.  Sad - that this truly unique week is nearly over.  Happy - that I have met and spent so much time with truly great people.  Pride - in the work I and everyone else has accomplished this week.  But mostly gratitude - that I was able to participate in this event.  I truly feel privileged.   Thanks so much to everyone involved this week - Bo, Jameel, Ron, Chris, Raney, Jeff, Don, Steve, Brad, Allen and Neal, Krishen, Wesley, Roger, Niels, Will, Jon, and anyone I have forgotten.  I know we have one more day together, but it feels appropriate to express my gratitude tonight after our "fairwell party."  Or maybe it's just the limoncello talking!

Anywho...today was a hard but good day.  With all the major timber moving over, we once again were diligently slaving on our joinery.  For me, the status is that my base is cut and square.  My top has mortises laid out and drilled.  A lot of folks have taken to the power tools to chop their mortises, but for me, other than a power drill to remove the bulk of the waste, it is all hand tools.  I am ok with that.  I don't care if I don't finish.  This is what I enjoy and what my soul desires.

I don't have many pics today, as I was so busy.  But here are some highlights:
My base is dry fitted and complete.

Thanks to Wesley, I was able to hog out the waste of my mortises with a really nasty awesome drill.  This thing chewed wet oak like buttah!

Then it's time to pull out the chisels and do some real work.

One down, well at least most of the way.  I will flip the top over tomorrow and come from the other side to avoid blowout.

That's about it for the action shots.  Again, we had our "fairwell party" tonight and there was quite a few people gathered.

Sipping some limoncello and admiring my base.

Bo laid out some really pretty oak for everyone to see.  Nice stuff!

Here is my size 11.5 foot on one to give perspective on these boards.  Nice stuff!

Last shot of the night!  We had a great time today!  Looking forward to tomorrow with bittersweet anticipation.

Tomorrow I might have an assembled bench.  I doubt it, but it's possible.  Either way, I am ok with that.  I am sure I will have it completed soon after I arrive home.  Words can't express how happy I feel tonight.  I am truly grateful.  Night all!
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