Sunday, July 14, 2013

FORP - Prologue

Well, I made it in one piece.  It's been a long day.  But there are great things to come, I can feel it.  We gathered tonight to meet each other, set up and learn more about the materials and their origins.  We also heard Chris speak about the specific features and joinery that make these benches so darn useful.  We got a quick tour of this special place and brought our tools in and gawked at each others chests and horses, insert your own jokes.  And I have a few pictures to share, my apologies for the quality on a couple of them.

A huge pile of sawdust.  I thought I had a lot.

Here is Chris doing what Chris does.

That pile of stuff is all of the hardware for all of our benches, including the tapped front leg to accept the huge wooden screw for the leg vise.

Behold, the HUGE wooden screw!!!  Simply awesome!

My workspace.  This is where the magic happens, hopefully I will be the one creating the magic.

The workspaces of the many others.  May they be magical as well!

Time to get some sleep, we start early milling up the material.  I can't wait!
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