Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FORP - Day two

Today we glued up the last bench top, but mostly it was about the bases.  We rough cut the stock for the rails and then focused on the legs.

Ripping is so easy when you have this thing.  We were able to remove the bark and rip two boards at the same time out of a slab of oak.

These are the slabs we used for the rails.

Next we hollowed out the mortises where the rails will connect to the legs.  Again, so easy to chop a mortise with just two fingers.  Like buttah!!

After the mortises, came the big through tenons on the legs that will come through the bench tops.  Jeff Miller set up the bandsaw to make this painless.

Then we cut the dovetails on the tenons.

And now all of my bench legs are now finished and ready for the base assembly and laying out the mortises on the bench.  Tomorrow I will probably finish dimensioning my bench top.  Then we start working on the rails to connect the legs.

Here is Brad cutting the tenon shoulder on his leg.  Smile, Brad.  It was so cool, I had three people using my bench at the same time today.  I could never do that on my bench at home.  I can't wait to get this bench done and into my shop!

At some point everyday we get a little slap happy and some frivolity ensues.  Niels is showing off his head standing ability, on his bench...haha.

The day was capped off perfectly with dinner at Ron Brese's house.  Our gracious host was kind enough to show his shop and let us all paw his fantastic planes.  He even showed off his fantastic saw collection.  Thanks so much, Ron!  It was a joy!

So far, my expectations have been exceeded, and they were high to begin with.  I have had such a wonderful time and can't wait for tommorow.  But, I must sleep.  There is nothing left in the tank.  Until tomorrow, signing off - "The Power Feeder"

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