Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mahogany jewelry box - Part 5

So I didn't get a lot done this week, sadly. But I will tell you about what I have completed.

All the drawers are cut and very roughly fitted. I still need to cut bottoms and glue up, so I just did enough to get them in.

The vertical "drawers" are not on runners and just fit with a little bit of gap or clearance. I am hoping for not too much wood movement.

Still a little snug, but I'll work on it after the glue up.

So now I take all the drawers apart again and route the groove for the bottoms. I used a 3/16 spiral bit at the router table, with stop cuts where applicable.

The bottoms are 5/32 ply. And they are a little loose in all directions. That's ok, because I am going to line the drawers with fabric and that will take up the slop.

Movin right along.

So....drawer linings. Never done it. I am a bit nervous. I enlisted the help of my bride for this part as she has more experience cutting and working with fabric. The fabric we chose is a double layer blue "faux suede" with sparkles. Gotta have the sparkles, you know. The pictures don't pick it up, but they are there. She is cutting it a little oversized.

We cut the corners off at a rough 45 degree to help us wrap the edges.

I sprayed some adhesive on the plywood bottom and let it dry for about 20 seconds or so, then carefully centered it over the cloth and brought it straight down on top. After applying some pressure to complete the adhesion, I then sprayed a little along the edges to wrap around.

With the help of some wax paper, mainly to keep my fingers goo free and from getting goo all over the place, I carefully wrap the cloth around and press firmly to complete the adhesion.

Then assemble to test the fit. Fits nicely.

The vertical drawer bottoms are more in the middle of the drawer and not on the bottom. The plan is to mount some hooks and things on both sides to hang necklaces and earrings. It'll make more sense soon!

And that's all I got done this week. I am afraid I won't get it done in time for next weekend, but I think she'll be ok with it being a little late. She is a good kid and will hopefully understand. It was just too nice a day to be in the shop all day. My wife and I took a long walk and then we put together our new smoker that we got for Christmas. This will be a great use of all my wood scraps this season. I seasoned it tonight with some cherry scraps and I think I'll smoke a pork tenderloin tomorrow night, my mouth is watering already!

Never-mind my horrible yard, I have 3 dogs and they have destroyed it this winter/spring. :(

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