Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Much needed therapy!

I have been doing several mundane tasks lately, finishing some overdue projects. Lots of sanding, glueing, sanding, finishing, sanding...did I mention sanding? Anyway today I had, what my good friend Annie would say, a "shapoopy" day at work. I came home from work, changed my clothes, ate some quick dinner and headed down to the dungeon to get some more sanding done.

I got started and about 13 seconds later I had all I could take and put it away. I needed a quick project...scratch that...I needed to beat the ever loving $h!t outta something, and fast!

I have wanted to make a new mallet for a while. I found a thick piece of scrap maple and got after it. I am making this mallet with a "dovetailed" handle through the head. Here is my much needed therapy. I pounded the hell out of that chunk of wood making the tapered through mortise. It took a good long while and a lot of brute force, and that my friends is what I call good cheap therapy. I feel so much better....lol.

No pics, sorry. It's just a standard laminated maple joiners mallet. Only thing special about it is that I am making it also a dead blow by incorporating some 1 oz bird shot in the head. I saw something similar online at some point and filed it for one of those projects I wanted to try. It may turn out not all that useful, but hey, at least I got my therapy!
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